„A fairytale about funny, crooked, sad Giraffe“

By Paula Sochacka

Once upon a time there was a Giraffe – ugly, crooked and crazy.

She still was raising a mocking smile among others – it stung her heart very much each time.

Her legs were tangled a lot!

As a result,  Giraffe could not go straight through life.

No one was willing to offer her help – so she lived in the shadow of her own despair.

One evening  Giraffe entered her room, tired of the course of the whole day, she thought:

„Why, ah, why dear fate have you made my life so difficult? My existence seems so empty, I am experiencing only failures and disappointments. I’m sitting here alone, staring out of the window – I’m looking for the happiness that, if it comes- comes too slow”

Day after day was passing by…

She smiled in defiance of the world, sometimes suppressing the feeling of fear.

She tried to hide all emotions- to avoid the pitying, demeaning glances.

She did not part with her mask, she was still in camouflage waiting for happiness.

Sometimes she was tormented by guesses-

That happiness had passed her long time ago, disappeared over the horizon in an infinite line.

Until one night, she dreamed so much that she stayed with her head in heaven forever. Since then – gold stars – cuddle this poor, ugly creature

What is the moral of the story?

Don’t wait for happiness, build happiness with your own hands!

Never let self-doubts stop you in your search!

Always have courage to be truly yourself no matter what – believe that you are the uniq one!

Be unstoppable in your own journey!