Ghosts are among us! Scary? Yes!

Ghost – first association?  A stray soul, invisible, elusive visitor from the beyond.

What if I tell You that it is not the only definition?

She woke up in the morning a little bit tired but so happy and excited after last evening. Everything was so perfect. Seemed that finally her life has right direction. Maybe he is the one? She smiles… that’s going to be a perfect day. She checked her phone: „no new messages”. But tere is nothing to be worry about… right?

Another picture:

They were friends for a while, could talk all night long, had this mutual trust, spending time together. It is nice to have someone to talk to, share all experiences but at some point something has changed.

Silence is like a sword aimed straight in the heart, killing slowly by uncertainty, surprise and finally a huge disappointment. Leaves second person full of doubts about his/her self esteem.

Have you heard about ghosting?

Ghosting is the way of ending any kind of relatioships between people. It is very cruel and immature way to say: „Hey, I don’t want you in my life anymore” basically without any words. Ghost just disseapers one day without any previous signals.

If we feel attached to someone- it is normal that you think: I deserved at least for talk, maybe did something wrong- it is trap of our own thoughts what might had happened. After attemps for contact, checking if nothing serious happened ( like accident ) if ghost is still not communicating with you than nothing will change.

If it is about you dear reader- be aware that a lot of people were in this weird and confusing situation.

Why people choose that way to cut down contact with others?

 Nowadays our social life more than ever is located online and unfortunatelly it is so easy to unfriend on social media, block in apps. This is also proof how poor are our  communications skills and that empathy should be considered as mysterious super power- not so common in real life anymore.

To be honest the reason why it happenes is not so important, what really matters is mess that was left  in the lifes of those who were abandoned this way. Countless doubts, trust issues,  huge empty space in soul.

Noone said that breaking up is easy- it is always very difficult experience- but each story needs ending even if it is not happy ending. In this story chapter stays still disturbingly open.

What to do after being ghosted?

Basically you need to close the story between you and ghost by yourself. Never try to chase ghost- it is pointless and even more painful. I am aware of how difficult it might be but there is no other way. Think that this person is no longer part of your life anyway, you need to accept fact that silence is also form of communication but first of all believe me: there is nothing wrong with You. Now- treat yourself as best friend and never let anyone else to put you down- it means this person is already below you.

Ghosting is a result of some difficulties that other person has with being honest, making mature decisions, treating another people with respect. Do you really want to be in touch with someone that so easly forget about You? It takes time to get to this point, but I know- if you are dealing with it- you have this strengh to survive it.

What about ghosts? Let them live in another fairy-tale, err somewhere between the worlds.