Loneliness: Alone illness?

by: Paula Sochacka

How does it feel when the world crumbles into tiny particles, stardust or just gray ash slipping between the mourner’s fingers? Everything becomes volatile, awkwardly levitating in a bland and bland space. People fear monsters, death and the most dangerous is the loss of freedom, perspectives- basically energy to live. The will to fight weakens with every breath, is it still rain or is that the tears?

Probably there is no worse feeling than loneliness, which with its frosty needles sticks into a dying body. Loneliness will not be chased away by random people, ordinary everyday events … it is a disease that requires special measures, a sea of empathy and understanding. It slowly breaks down into tiny particles of existence, each of them levitating in a different direction like autumn leaves torn by a cool wind.

Being surrounded by silence, people are around You but maybe you don’t feel strong connections with them, maybe someone significant just disseapered, maybe you feel like you don’t belong to the place anymore that you considered home. Maybe you fill not good enough to make new friendships, illness or disability is excluding you from social life.

One state… so many reasons and so many shades…

The feeling of loneliness is a very difficult issue, not only because it is a very extensive, but I have the impression that it is an increasingly common state nowadays. It is not only psychological pain but also may cause plenty of psycho-somatic sympthoms.

Loneliness can occur at any time in life, it affects people of all ages all over the world. It is a disease of the twenty-first century. Paradoxically, the increased possibilities of communication thanks to social media can only intensify this feeling.

But let’s start from begining, what are the most common reasons?

– mourning

– end of relationship

– feeling of misunderstanding

– low selfesteem

– lack of social support

– immigration

– disability

When we talk about loneliness crucial thing is to decide if it is chronic state or moments that goes away with time.

What can make You feel better?

In case there are no close friends or family to talk to or we don’t feel like to talk to anyone… still it is good when you are experiencing this unpleasant state to push out those emotions away beyond the horizon or even further!

How? I have few tips 😉

Write about your emotions, writing helps a lot to „say” everything what we want with no fear about social reaction or being negatively  judged. It doesn’t need to be pretty, believe me- when you grab pencil you will find best words to shout out what hurts the most.

Walks… take walks, go on a bike, find some activity that makes you happy, listen to your favourite music and let the body get rid off all tensions. That will improve your well being and will open up for new connections with people around.

Everyone feel excluded or alienated from time to time, find group of people with similar inetersts so you can have long discussions about things that matters.

Always seek for professional help if this state lasts for a long period of time and it starts to be overwhelming. EVERYONE might need help from time to time. If you live abroad you can try to find therapists online speaking the same language as You.

Let’s be aware that someone from our close environment might be going through difficult time, always let’s try to be kind to each other because life sometimes is hard enough.

Instead of being judgemental let’s send some more empathy around to the universe!